Easy way to get weekly report from team foundation server (TFS).Click on link below to download:


team foundation weekly report application screenshot

Thursday, May 15, 2014

tfs report configuration screen

When application starts it checking if there are TFS settings available and if there is no settings found it will open setting screen.
Setting screen contains all data required for connection to team foundation settings including :
  • Username
  • Password
  • Domain
  • Server Url (http or https)
It also has "Test connection" button to verify connection to TFS server immediately,it will also verify if specified credentials
are valid and allowing you to connect to tfs.
It also  required to specify tfs repository folder , so report will be created for all projects that are located into this repository root.
And finally it has day from which report will be started, because sometimes may be different for different situation.

When user clicks on "Save and Close" button all settings will be saved into current user folder and retrieved automatically when application will start next time so there is no need to fill them again.

Does your current time-sheet application allows to import data from xml file?
What is the first day in your weekly report Sunday or Monday ?