Easy way to get weekly report from team foundation server (TFS).Click on link below to download:


team foundation weekly report application screenshot

Thursday, May 15, 2014

list of awesome tfs software with links to download

Name Website Description
Team Foundation Server Power Tools Link to Team Foundation Server Power Tools website Incredibly useful set of power tools for working with tfs server allows to explore, do backups,create alerts,enforce best practices and chekins policies and adds shell extensions.
TeamFoundationSidekicks TeamFoundationSidekicks website Excellent tool for showing history and managing changesets.
Tfs-Timetracker Link to Tfs-Timetracker website Time tracking vendor website.
Agile Dashboard Agile Dashboard website Very nice dashboard for TFS showing burnout charts.
TFS reporting guide Link to TFS reporting guide download page Awesome pdf guide to build reporting for tfs
Team Companion Team Companion website Outlook plugin that allows to create tfs items directly from emails , fast and convenient.
Team Expand Team Expand website another time sheet software for team foundation server.
OData protocol OData protocol documentation Open data protocol- Incredibly way for accessing TFS data trough API and build third party software - like Android/Mac Os X client.