Easy way to get weekly report from team foundation server (TFS).Click on link below to download:


team foundation weekly report application screenshot

Sunday, March 9, 2014

tfs weekly report application

TFSweeklyReport application creates weekly report from notes added to source code check-ins.
Application connects to Team Foundation server and retrieve chec-kin information for specific user for a week
and builds weekly report based on TFS items user have been working during a week.

I've found this application extremely helpful and time saver, it also promotes
good programming practice - adding meaningful checking  notes in using source control system.
So creating accurate notes for check-in will not only add information about
which changes have been made and which specific problem has been resolved but
allows to create awesome report which could save time for filling in  weekly time-sheet.

Here are another advantages of retrieving weekly report from TFS:
-Do not have to create notes about what are you doing during a week.
-Report for any period of time can be retrieved.
-Weekly report could be used for creating  invoice with containing detailed information about job completed.
-It also possible to save report as html or word document.

How do you create weekly report or invoice ?
are you making notes during a week, are you using time tracking software.
Please let me know in comments.